Lives Transformed

As we walked through Cien Fuegos a few nights ago, my heart was heavy for the people in our midst. I can’t help but to love them. They are precious souls simply searching for the truth. It brings us much satisfaction and joy to know that we posses what they are longing.
It was such fun to give the children a party this summer! Their eyes were bright as they were allowed to eat large pieces of cake and chocolate candy! The sad reality is that many of them never had cake before! They were very grateful for the sweets and for the fun!
Your $16/month is making a difference in these lives. As these children’s lives are transformed, their community will be transformed. You are making an investment into lives and God honors that kind of investment. Thank you!
The children had a great time at both camps this summer, but it is now time to re-open the daily doors of our center. Please pray as we make transitions with our staff and as we pursue a larger facility.
Remember that you are greatly appreciated and you are transforming lives!


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