H.O.P.E Endures

Many young ladies in Cien Fuegos are moving in with adult men and forfeiting their futures for a moment of pleasure. Our center has put an end to that cycle of crudeness and vexation in the lives of the youth at our center. We offer these young ladies a H.O.P.E that will endure. A H.O.P.E that never ceases to believe in them. H.O.P.E goes the distance to love them. H.O.P.E lives on in their lives when the world around them bids defeat. Though our work is not in vain, it takes courage to uphold the cause of these young people. This kind of daring audacity gives these children the firm resolution to live and to live well. God makes the difference in the lives of the children at our center.

We know that we can we truly strive to shine H.O.P.E within the darkness that invades Cien Fuegos as our God drives before us to banish the enemy that longs to envelope that place. We know that we don’t work in solitude as we fight against those forces in changing lives one day at a time.

Life change can take a lifetime. We are in this for the long run. Thank you for standing with us!



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