Christmas Joy

It took me an entire day to put up our Christmas decorations. I was a little frazzled as we carefully moved around the covered living room floor. Bows, ribbons, lights, ornaments, tree branches and glitter was everywhere!  I hurried to get the tree done, put up two wreaths, two stockings, then I packed up the rest and hid it all in the garage!


It’s nice to sit in a well ordered living room again, but I keep thinking about the boxes in the garage! The windows could use some wreaths and the outside bushes would look nice if I put those lights on them. The staircase could take some ribbons and our family of 10 is missing the other 8 stockings!

My mind and my heart battle over this. I really don’t feel like doing it, yet the memories of these little things live on in the minds of my children for years to come. For them, its worth it. 

A small thing that seems so insignificant to me or to my older children means everything to the little ones we still have running around this house. Thinking of my own children oftentimes causes me to think of the children at our centers.


Most of them can’t afford decorations for their homes, so we’ve gone to great lengths to keep the centers decorated for Christmas. Many of them won’t receive a gift for Christmas, so we try our best to give them a present each year.

Christmastime is a joyous occasion. Let’s share that joy with these children.

Please take a minute to stop what you are doing right now to give a donation towards the Christmas of the children at our centers. You can CLICK HERE right now to make Christmas special to a child who more than likely won’t receive a gift if we don’t provide it.

You have been so good at providing for our children, please continue to do the same. MAKE YOUR DONATION TODAY AND MAKE A CHILD SMILE.



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