Church Planting in the Dominican Republic



Just a few miles off the coast of Miami lies the most visited travel destination in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic is a nation that boasts lovely beaches, warm tropical sun, beautiful mountains and a society of exceptional hospitable people. Their hospitality is a door opener for us as we knock on doors to share the gospel. Most are extremely welcome and permit us to enter their homes to pray and to openly discuss the God’s love.

They are story tellers. We listen to their stories. Then we share our stories.

They listen with open eyes and ears as we tell them of the Love that set us free from our sin and bondage. They invite us to sit and to have coffee as we talk about Jesus’s desire to walk with them. You see, almost every Dominican knows that Jesus Christ is Lord. Their flag even has an emblem of the Bible.


Catholicism helped to teach Dominicans the truth of Jesus as Lord. They know all about Him. They  say, “God bless you,” in normal conversations. They know that Jesus died and rose for them. They are familiar with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Unfortunately, many are not familiar with the reality of living and walking with Christ daily. This is one of the reasons why church planting is essential in this nation.

There are still about 2,000 village communities in the Dominican Republic without a church. Though many cities enjoy Evangelical churches, most Dominicans can’t afford transportation costs to church.

We want to see a church in every Dominican community!

God is already making this happen! Successful church planters travel to the Dominican Republic to teach the pastors and leaders at our yearly conference. Church planting is necessary for a sustainable growth in Christianity. Our pastor’s conference focuses on church planting. It is designed to teach pastors and church leaders to multiply their churches, not just their congregations.

Dominicans need churches that are accessible to them. They need churches that relate to them as a people. They need churches that are full of God’s glory and truth. They need churches with leaders who walk and live with Jesus every day.

The more healthy churches we see, the less orphans we will see. The more we plant robust churches, the more we will see a decrease in crime. The more we establish living and strong churches, the less we find the trafficking of human beings.

Local churches, full of Christ, can only produce a life giving community.


As each church learns to plant four churches, we will see a transformed nation. 

Since 20,000 Dominicans are given United States residency each year, as an American, you should want them to arrive with a strong relationship with Christ. Their relationship with Christ affects us all.

Simply put, they live in our hemisphere. We are connected in so many ways. Columbus went to them prior to his arrival on the North American continent. Freed slaves from the United States were sent there and started communities that thrive today.

We are connected. The people of the Dominican Republic are a part of us. They too live in the Americas and they need your help.

Will you give today to help a church leader? Our upcoming church planting conference is designed to teach pastors to plant churches. Please make a donation to help these pastors today.

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As a believer of Jesus Christ, I purpose to follow Him into the darkest places so that His light can shine the brightest. I'm on a mission to shine His light to all who cross my path.

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