The Countdown

Moses was more than likely in a peaceful place when the bush began to blaze before him. He safely escaped his enemy, found a new life and a new profession. He could now comfortably settle in and forget his memoir. Though I’d never put myself in his league, I can say that I relate aContinue reading “The Countdown”

“I AM-Justice”

History swarms with events that validate the significance of justice. We see the majesty of justice unfold as the Israelites strut away from their oppressor. The might of justice is revealed as they walk on dry ground in the midst of the sea. I can’t count the times that I’ve stood on the shore gazingContinue reading ““I AM-Justice””

Church Planting in the Dominican Republic

  Just a few miles off the coast of Miami lies the most visited travel destination in the Caribbean. The Dominican Republic is a nation that boasts lovely beaches, warm tropical sun, beautiful mountains and a society of exceptional hospitable people. Their hospitality is a door opener for us as we knock on doors toContinue reading “Church Planting in the Dominican Republic”

A Home for Children

According to the Global Slavery Index, one in four of the 40.3 million slaves today are children. Right now. Since the Dominican Republic is the most visited tourist spot in the Caribbean, it has become a known location for sex tourism. The unfortunate reality is that many of these tourists have an appetite for children.Continue reading “A Home for Children”