A Time for Everything

We took a walk in Moca a few days ago. We strolled down paths that were dry and seemingly safe. The river that runs through the community was muddy, but peaceful. It actually appeared to be composed and amicable.

Truthfully, it was hard to believe that such a harmonious component of God’s creation could cause the turbulence it generated a few days ago.

As we trudged on through the recently hurricane wrecked village, some of the people explained, “I’ve lived here my entire life and I’ve never seen anything like this.”

It was difficult for me to accept.

The smooth, gentle water destroyed homes and ravished livelihoods of so many innocent dwellers just a few days ago. It rose several feet high with supernatural strength and swept away anything that collided with its path.

Homes, trees, farms, animals-the sustenance of life; was all gone in an instant.

As they all took turns to share their stories, my heart melted. Life, of late, has given me so many reasons to insist upon an icy heart, but it began to thaw as I took notice of my surroundings.

They sure had more reasons than me to complain, yet they all constantly thanked God for keeping them alive during the storm. They met death, yet safely parted. They valued their lives and the lives of their family and friends more than their loss. They have a true understanding of life’s worth.

Strangely, no one asked me for anything. They simply wanted to give God thanks for sparing them. They sure did a work on me!

As we began our adventure, I noticed one of our Moca church family’s crossing the river to get home. The bridge was knocked out during the storm and they had no other choice but to get wet in order to come to church. Mom, dad and baby had to walk through a river to get to church.

Let. It. Sink. In

I know that you and I have suffered too. I’ve been through quite a few things in life, but walking my family through a river to get to church has not yet made it my list of suffering. How about you?

We continued our journey. We wanted to visit our members who were affected by the storm. We wanted to reassure them of our love for them as they suffered. 

The trek to their homes was an eye opener for me. They faithfully take this journey more than once a week to worship God at our church.

Despair doesn’t stop them.

Discouragement didn’t turn them away.

They have to rebuild their lives with scarce tools, yet they carried on in stride.

The children collected avocados to sell. They still have hope.

When they were done gathering the fruit from the fallen tree, they played as children do. They remembered that there are still reasons to laugh-even when your house is washed away by a storm.

All of this has caused me to ponder upon life differently. Introspection leads my way lately.

What really matters? What am I striving for anyway? Why do I work so hard?

My husband’s recent sermon series lingers in my heart and in my mind right now. “There is a time for everything,” he confidently tells our churches, “…a time to laugh, a time to cry…”

His repeated words of the wise man beat within my heart tonight.

What am I doing with my time? How have I helped those who are crying today?

As he continues to read from the book of Ecclesiastes, my heart pounds and pauses for a second, “…for He (God) has placed eternity in the hearts of man…” 

My goal, my passion, my reason for being, my all should be focused on eternity as I walk through each moment in time. I think that our Moca friends understand that truth.

Their hearts are set on eternity.

They painlessly accepted their reality. They took God’s word to heart and faced their “time” with courage.

“Oh Lord, make me more like them,” was really all I could say as I walked away.

The river glided along in its peaceful fashion and life continued as usual. But I left that place with a new heart that’s ever so more determined to make every moment count and to make each occasion stretch into eternity.

Someone Else

After my dinner of cream of broccoli soup, I eagerly nestled under my blankets.

I was tired.

I knew the night would feel long and dreary so I wanted to get a head start on my sleep.

Tonight would be the second consecutive night of hurricane winds. We are used to the howl of strong winds up here during hurricane season. The night before felt treacherous as the wind gushed against our home.

We could even feel our house shake at times.

The rain on the tin roof and the might of the powerful river only added to our anxiety. Tonight would be the same.

Another sleepless night.

Fear doesn’t keep me awake during storms. My husband went to great lengths to secure our safety up here on HOPE Mountain.

The bolstering wind and rain are simple reminders of the fact that I’m pretty safe here during storms.

My children snuggled in the room next to me. My other children were safe and accounted for. They all had dinner before nestling into their warm, confortable beds.

Yet, I faced another sleepless night.

I drank a cup of tea to help me relax. My hubby was on edge too. I blended a few of my favorite essential oils for relaxation and gave him a foot massage. Those oils work! He was out fast!

Yet, I stared at the ceiling. My mind wandered with questions focused on the same theme.

I knew that one of our Moca church members, lost his house right after the last storm.

Why didn’t I move faster?

His children didn’t have a warm bed that night like mine. I’m not sure if they had a warm meal before bed.

I had been so caught up in my own life. I was so busy helping to run this ministry all the while forgetting that the “running” of it all is for that member and others like him.

Sleep escaped me.

My heart actually hurt.

Why didn’t I move quicker?

“Lord, forgive me,” I prayed, “I know what it takes to help him and his family yet I didn’t do it. Please give me another chance.”

Still, I was awake.

Wind pounded the wood that lines our mountain home. Trees leaned back and forth throughout the night. Roof tops shook and fought to stay put. The dogs howled all night. It was too loud for me to sleep.

The girls dorm flooded earlier that day so most of them were sleeping in the house. I couldn’t walk into my den to sit and read like I usually do on sleepless nights.

Instead I felt trapped by my lethargy.

I was too slow in finding aid for this precious family.

In a sense, I woke up!

I realized that I haven’t given enough.

The realization of the fact that my children were safe, fed and accounted for kind of made me feel privileged.

According to worldhunger.com, 66 million primary school-aged children attend classes hungry across the developing world. Habitat for Humanity says that 1.6 billion people lack adequate housing. The Global Slavery Index says that 30 million people are enslaved today!

Though Christianity remains the world’s largest religious group, still over half the world has no relationship with Christ.

It’s time for us to wake up!

If you have more than one outfit to wear and a meal that you can count on daily, you are privileged.

We can so easily get ourselves caught up in this world and so easily ignore the truth that faces us each day.

Someone else is hurting more than you right now.

There is someone else in more pain than you at the moment.

Another is hungry.

While you and I gleefully enjoy our own meals at home or at our favorite restaurant, someone else’s child is dying of hunger.

I know it’s a lot to take in.

I know that it’s easier to believe that you can get away with turning away from that truth.

I know that it’s easy to give a little so that we can feel better.

Yet, Christ gave His all!

Here on this earth, we are His hands and we are His feet.

Give a little more.

Give until it hurts.

Walk away from your comfort just a little bit more.

Someone else’s child was just sold at the Haitian/Dominican border.

Some other woman was just forced to commit an unthinkable act once again.

And we worry about what to wear tomorrow.

I’m not trying to make you feel bad. Take care of your family and of yourself first. Then teach your family and yourself to help someone else.

W.A.K.E UP!!!

This is real!

People made with flesh and blood like you and me are suffering and you really can help.

Your small dent and my little chip in the wall of world suffering will make a difference because it would be multiplied by God.

He multiplies at the exponential level. Like the little boy who gave his fish and bread. Like the shepherd boy who used his slingshot and stone. Like Mary who simply said, “Yes.”

All you and I have to do is allow Him to use our little. He can take what is small and cause it to grow.

Our church member lost his house in a storm and we will soon begin to rebuild his house because we did what we knew to do to help.

He came to our church because we first helped someone else in his village when they lost their house because of a storm. That person led him to Christ which led him to be baptized here on HOPE Mountain way before this current disaster occurred.

All because we started in that community with one!

Just do something!

Someone else needs you right now.

Stop focusing on your problems, though they seem insurmountable.

Stop bringing up the past.

Stop licking your wounds.

Wake up. Get up. Show up.

Allow God to use you right where you are.

Make yourself useful across the globe as well!

Tonight we’ll have Dominican hot chocolate with a freshly baked cinnamon torta for dinner. We will then snuggle up under our sheets with our secured roof over our heads.

And we’ll do our part to ensure the same for our friend and others like him.

Goodbye again…

We have had to say goodbye many times since starting this ministry. It has become a part of us. The word that is so final, yet recurring.

My grandmother told me to say, “So long.” She didn’t like the finality of goodbye. I guess it really doesn’t matter. No matter how we say it, we understand that another season of letting go is upon us.

Today we face that season once again.

God sent us Kristan at the right time. We were experiencing a time of exponential growth, but not enough help. Kristan came on board and served with all of her might.

She worked in every aspect of our ministry.

She served in our churches as they needed support and help with the youth. She served as a teacher in our children centers and she taught English to the children in our Lajas community.

She led the teams of counselors that led groups at our camps. She managed our household and even traveled with us to the states to support our family as a nanny. Needless to say, she was our right hand. Like Aaron and Hur, she held up our arms as we faced the many necessary battles of ministry and family.

Kristan is loved and treasured by us all.

But today we say goodbye again.

I’m trying really hard to hold back the tears.

She has brought so much joy to this place. Her sincere love for Christ and her true humility have refreshed us.

Kristan is different.

She thinks about herself last. This morning I watched as Solimar fixed her plate and forced her to eat.

She follows orders. She does what we ask without question. We know that we can count on her.

She sees deeply. She keenly beholds the heart of her companions. She’s enriching and engaging.

Kristan, thank you. Thanks to all who supported her as she served us. We are grateful to you all.

We know that God has great things in store for this precious soul and we are thrilled to have had a small part in her life.

Dear Adventures in Missions,

Ecclesiastes 9:11 I have observed something else under the sun. The fastest runner doesn’t always win the race, and the strongest warrior doesn’t always win the battle. The wise sometimes go hungry, and the skillful are not necessarily wealthy. And those who are educated don’t always lead successful lives. It is all decided by chance, by being in the right place at the right time. NLT

You chose to participate on a life changing adventure. Some began as timid individuals who grew into outspoken characters. Other’s confidence was tried to the core. This journey of which you’ve embarked is one reserved for a special soul. Everyone is not cut out for such a commitment. All cannot endure the rigorous environment of communal living and self exposure every day.

 You ended up on HOPE Mountain.

Some of you are here today.

Though your tasks may sometimes feel meaningless, they are meaningful to us. Though your work may not be what you expected, you’ve made an impact.

A little girl named Solimar feels free to be all of who she is because you loved her just as she is. You taught her that its ok to have questions, to need attention and to embrace life. She sees life through the eyes of an unconventional nine year old because of your unconventional love towards her.

Her life is enriched because of you.

A tween named Starr is growing into a strong believer in Christ. You were her example. You showed her that life isn’t about self, but it’s for our God who gives us life. She has dreams far beyond the average twelve year old because she watched you go after your dreams.

Her life is enriched because of you.

Jojo is sixteen now. Do you remember how you fished with him in our river and taught him math? You accompanied him into the city to basketball practice. You made him feel as if he was your little brother when you found out how badly he missed his own. You led him to know Christ at a deeper level. That relationship sustains him today.

His life is enriched because of you.

Jr learned how to lead with you. You trusted him. You gave him permission to do his job well. When he needed advice, you freely gave. When he needed prayer, you quickly knelt.

His life is enriched because of you.

Selina watched you risk it all for what you believe. Perhaps your commitment to your expedition gave her the freedom to walk out her own.

Her life is enriched because of you.

Our sons that are not on HOPE Mountain hear about you consistently. They see your service. They notice your commitment. They have peace knowing that their family is cared for by you. Hope has resounded within their hearts as they see your dedication to God’s call.

Their lives are enriched because of you.

You were there praying when Ruben and I had bad days. You smiled when we drove into the gates of HOPE Mountain after a difficult day in the city. You served us when we had no strength to do menial tasks.

Our lives are enriched because of you.

You helped to build this place. The buildings and walkways you helped to build provide HOPE to many lives.

You traveled in the back of a pickup truck to work at our centers. The rain didn’t keep you from traveling down the pot hole filled mountain. You served the children at our centers well.

Their lives are enriched because of you.

You shared your stories with the new believers in our churches. You used your education and skills to enhance our ministry. You suffered long hours in the hot sun. You poured into the lives of our teens and children at camp. You trained our ladies to lead as you them on a journey of inner healing.  You gave us your all.

Our ministry is enriched because of you.

No task was meaningless. It was all done for His glory, it was all done well. We appreciate you. We are grateful to God for you.

May you continue your journey and end with grace.

We love you,

The Dominguez family





The Stretch of God


“God  used this place (HOPE Dominican Republic) to bring me to new levels of healing. He is doing a deep work in my life.” Casey Murray


I remember it as if it were yesterday. A team of almost fifty young adults were on their FB_IMG_1492441478990way to our property to serve with us for one month. We had recently moved onto the property and had no facilities. The team would have to sleep in tents, bathe in the river and share one toilet! To say the least, we were doubtful of their excitement about this situation. Yet, to our surprise, they were one of the best teams we hosted. They served with all of their hearts and embraced our family into their squad in a personal way.

Some of the members of that squad have returned from time to time to help. Casey Murray is one of them. He came back as a team leader for a group of high school students who were here on a month long mission’s trip last summer. He recently returned to help us with a current team of college students who have been here for two months and to work at our children centers.

Casey’s story helps to resonate our vision as a ministry. Helping Others Pursue Eternity is truly our heart and our dream. 


Casey and I sat at our massive cement table a few days ago and talked about his story. My heart was touched. His story brought me HOPE and reminded me of why we do what we do. People’s lives are worth every bit of effort it takes to continue.

Casey began his journey with Christ as a college student. Though he loved the Lord and served Him, he could not overcome his struggle with depression and anxiety after graduation. He was accepted into Physical Therapy School, yet grew discontented as he could not hear God’s voice.


His desire to hear God led him to a conference that many young people attend in the states. At that conference, he began to experience God as he desired. There, God met him with a huge challenge; “Leave school and serve me in missions.” He doubted the word was for him, but God began to confirm His call through a series of events. He decided to obey and took a huge leap of faith by withdrawing from school and attending a squad of fifty on an eleven month mission journey around the world.

That trip opened his eyes to God’s heart for people all over the world. He began to realize that his obedience to God opened doors of blessings into his life. He took another step in obedience when he asked us if he could come to serve with us on HOPE Mountain.

“I saw Pastor Ruben’s and Vicki’s genuine and big hearts for the people and for the ministry here. I also saw the need for help within the ministry,” He said when we asked him why he wanted to serve here, “I wanted to partner with people who are doing great things for God and the ability to see the fruit of it.”

Casey experienced all of what our ministry has to offer. He taught classes at our centers FB_IMG_1492441450906and loved on the children. He led short term mission teams. He participated on prayer walks in our communities. He built relationships within our communities. He helped to maintain our grounds. He also participated in our church services.

He can now truly see missions as a long term career choice. He can see and appreciate the pastor’s heart that God has given him as he served here. He also believes that God is opening doors for him in worldwide missions.

He feels that serving in our ministry has enhanced his ability to accept the stretching of  God in his life and it has enabled him to purposely pursue others to disciple! 

God stretched our faith when we accepted that large team a few years ago. Casey’s life and the lives of so many would’ve missed out on what God had for them here had we declined. Perhaps God is speaking to you right now. Move with his guidance. He is doing great things, lets all join in on His activity!








From the Street to the Mountain


“I lived on the street when I was a boy.”

Ricardo has been a blessing to our ministry. He diligently serves us on HOPE Mountain as he cleans fields, cares for our animals, washes our vehicles or maintains our facilities. When he isn’t engaged in the drudgery of sweat labor, he assists our short term teams in translating, running back and forth to the “colmado” (corner store), or simply in being a friend.

This guy is all over the place! He leaves early some mornings to catch the “guaga’ (small bus) for a long drive to our children center in Cien Fuegos. He loves on the children who reside near the landfill and values each of them as if they were his own. 14591686_1789103204637467_5853386935117570695_n

The children at our Puerto Plata center experience his delight as well. He takes the long drive in the opposite direction to minister to them as well.

He has become consistent company to our Los Cerritos Vida en Cristo church. He faithfully attends each Sunday and assists our local pastor there to the best of his ability.

His loyal heart has a lot to do with his connection to the people. He understands hardship. He knows pain. 

His mom and dad died when he was three years old in Haiti. Poverty and misfortune led him to the streets at the age of five. He begged and even stole for food every day. His life was full of misery.

He wanted to attend school, but he had no paperwork and never imagined he would have the opportunity to do so. As he begged on the street one day, a man asked him if he could really help him by getting him into school. This “angel” was able to locate Ricardo’s uncle, obtain the necessary paperwork and get him into school.

He was present each day at his learning establishment, yet continued to live on the street. His life was a street life. He didn’t have a roof over his head when it rained. He never knew what it was like to sit on the sofa in the evening to watch a movie with his family. He knew nothing of a family meal at the dining room table. He was a child and he was alone. Day in and day out, he had to figure out life in solitude.

There were no guardians to train him. No parents to love him. It was Ricardo all by himself. Yet, he continued to endure each day. 

He suffered severe malnutrition as a teen and ended up in the public hospital with frequent nosebleeds. A Christian lady saw his condition and prayed for him. She told him that Jesus Christ would heal him and he thought she was insane.

To his surprise, he was healed. The heartsick state of the hospital staff towards him led them to keep him there. He was allowed to sleep on the hospital floor every day when school was over.

Still with no guides, he attended college. He studied Mathematics and Chemistry. He even graduated!

Life changed some when he graduated from college as he landed a job as a Public school teacher. He could now at least afford to pay for a roof over his head and for daily sustenance.

He was still alone and lost. He wondered about the name of the One who healed him when he should’ve died as a teen. He wanted to know more about Jesus. His searching for truth landed him on the base of a Christian missionary organization where he studied and learned God’s word daily. He was convinced that he found the truth and gave his life to Christ.

He came to work with us on HOPE Mountain as his outreach assignment for his mission’s class. It was difficult to not notice his diligence. He was always willing to do whatever was asked and he never complained. His commitment is to the Christ who healed him and he unashamedly serves His God in any way he is needed!

When his outreach was over and the rest of his team prepared to leave, he pulled us to the side, “I need to stay here. I have to obey God and work with you. I know that He wants me to serve you here.” 

Our hearts were overjoyed and we remain fascinated by the people that God sends our way!

He started his life on the street, now he is a bridge for those who need to cross over to a new life in Christ. 


A Heartfelt Explanation

“She’s gone Vicki,” our ministry base cook could barely look me in the eyes, “you know, the young mother with cancer.” She lowered her head even more, “My niece.” Her voice cracked a little, “She didn’t make it.”

“I’m so sorry,” I hugged her briefly. She isn’t a big hugger. She’s still learning to trust me in that way. “Are her children okay?” I asked as I compelled her to hold my hand and lowered my gaze to reach her eyes.

“Yes, their father came for them. They are fine.” She quickly let go of my grip and turned the other way.

“Please let me know if we can do anything for them.” My heart goes out to those boys!

Our family has been hit hard over and over again since 2012. These hard hits have caused us to make some risky changes.

Family illnesses and deaths, young adult children in transition, personal burnout, meeting the current needs of our tween and teen and keeping our marriage intact through it all has been a challenge.  With these challenges on the forefront, we’ve continually been faced with the needs of our ministry. In response to God’s call for us to serve in the Dominican Republic, we left behind all of what we knew to be familiar. We eagerly gave it all up because His call was and still is much greater to us than our own comfort and desires.

In the midst of the difficulties we’ve faced on the field and the needs we encountered abroad, we’ve remained faithful to that call. Quitting has not been an option for us. Hardships may sometimes seem to prevail, but we are convinced that God is with us through it all. We have chosen to view our trials through God’s word in the book of James chapter one, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you…” We wanted His wisdom in relation to our circumstances, thus sought Him for an answer.

We then submitted our realities to mature Christians that we trust. We strategized and planned to the best of our abilities and came up with a solution.

In response to the needs that seemed so consuming, we helped our teen and tween  fit into a community of believers where they could grow. That was important to them, thus important to us.

Our adult children are each moving along wonderfully, but also made us realize that their need for our presence is real.  Extended family is important to us as well. Time spent with them is essential, especially because of the emotional, spiritual and financial support they’ve allowed us over the years. This lifetime is really our only chance to love those in our midst.

Our marriage also needed to be refreshed. The toil of building a ministry without many resources took its toll on us both. We had both burned out and that state felt like death! Marriage had become a business partnership which left little room for romance. Help was of the essence.

Traveling back and forth is a bit daunting. I’d much rather call one place home and not wake up in the morning trying to remember if I’m in Virginia or in the Dominican Republic! The reality is that we are making the best choice for our current situation.

God allowed us to prepare our leaders in the Dominican Republic for their assignments long before we ever thought we would have to leave them so often. Our ministry continues to grow strong as we fulfill the needs of our family and ministry.

The risk of losing all of what we’ve worked so hard for has loomed over us as we face challenges in our home. Please don’t think that we need your support less because we are in the Dominican Republic less!

  • We still have to feed over 150 people (mostly children) daily.
  • We still have to pay our staff’s salaries each month, take care of their medical expenses and pay them double each December.
  • We still have to pay monthly rent for four of our locations.
  • We still have lots of maintenance on HOPE Mountain.
  • We still have to provide resources and supplies for our leaders.

All of the above is depended upon your donations. We still need you! 

During this season, our time in the Dominican Republic has dropped from 100% to 75%. Our airfare is specifically donated for that purpose. While we are in the states, we spend our time connecting with churches, Christian schools, ministries and small businesses for partnerships. We meet with our Dominican leaders via teleconferencing on a daily basis and we even preach online for our Dominican churches. We also engage with our children and extended family members to the best of our ability. We spend time enriching our marriage and our own spiritual walks in order to manage the ministry better.

The fruit of our time spent stateside is displayed throughout the new life we are experiencing in our ministry.

  • We have made relationships with more churches in the states which has awarded us more teams.
  • We hosted an amazing conference for pastors and leaders in the Dominican Republic.
  • We have more interns.
  • We are poised to plant two more churches of which our current pastors will lead.
  • We have been able to help more children each month.
  • We have more buildings on HOPE Mountain.
  • We have more training and resources easily available for our ministry’s growth.

You see, the salvation of the young lady who recently passed away occurred during one of my trips from Virginia to the Dominican Republic.  I remember the day when we talked and prayed for salvation. She was eager to give her life to Christ. She was eager to know Him and always wanted prayer. She consistently asked for prayers for peace in her family. She accepted her life as it was and wanted the rest to accept it as well. A team that ministered here briefly spent some time praying with her one day. She said that she felt God’s presence like never before. I’ll see her again.

She is only one example of the many who have committed their lives to Christ through one of H.O.P.E Dominican Republic’s ministries. We can’t quit.

Children count on us daily…we can’t stop.

Our churches depend upon our leadership…we must continue.

The countless short term missionaries that come through HOPE Mountain need our guidance…we must move on.

Our cook is still learning to trust me. That trust will convince her of the true love of our Father. We are committed to walk with her until she accepts His gift of life and we will hold her up as she walks out her newfound faith.

We are convinced that this current difficulty will only last for a season. Please stand with us during this complex time. We need you!

Christmas for Cien Fuegos

christmas3Sweet little faces represent the joy found behind the doors of Centro de Esperanza de Cien Fuegos. These lovely faces will more than likely see Christmas come and go without experiencing the happiness of the season if we don’t act now!10534552_10204136160265166_8507192425244290770_n

Remember that these precious ones live at the city’s trash dump. Their parents make very little money. They live under tin roofs with holes which cause rain to pour into their homes. The meal they eat at our center is the only meal that most of them will eat for the day. They bathe in a filthy river that is riddled with trash. The lives of these children are at risk just because they are poor.

But you can make a difference in their lives by a simple act of giving. A donation of $20 will give one child a gift and Christmas dinner for their family.

christmas1Twenty dollars transforms into smiles of joy. Twenty dollars transcends the unworthy mindset and lifts the child into the truth of who they truly are, children of the Most High God. Twenty dollars doesn’t seem like it’s so much when you know that H.O.P.E is attached to it. This H.O.P.E speaks into their destiny and tells them that really are loved. It tells them that they really are deserving of what is best and lovely.

Please click here to give today! 



Our daughter Starr loving on a child at the center

H.O.P.E for Cien Fuegos

10446665_10203864962445390_6713296812103593396_nEnglish camp certificate

Dirt roads ridden with potholes, a filthy river overcome with trash, no clean drinking water, prostitution, drug dealers, severe fungal infections, hunger and desperation are a few descriptions of Cien Fuegos.

10446514_10203923695073669_2533769362125263708_nDriving to church from Cien Fuegos

We drove some visiting pastors from the states through this territory a few weeks ago and my heart ached once again for the people who dwell there. The children were playing and bathing in the same river where others were throwing their trash.

We stopped by the house of a family that is a part of our center. The mom called her children in from the river where they were bathing. Their clothes were filthy! My heart sank.


Since God has wondrously provided for us to purchase H.O.P.E Mountain, we were able to host various camps this summer for the children in our center. It was a joy to see them play in a clean river and a clean swimming pool. They laughed, prayed, learned English and most importantly experienced the love of our Heavenly Father!

10488308_10203980879023232_2305594565270336982_nMeal line at H.O.P.E Mountain

As this new year begins, please continue to give towards the Cien Fuegos H.O.P.E Center. We have over 90 children enrolled this year, classes began this week. We always need school supplies, white t-shirts for their uniforms, Spanish bibles and lots of prayer!


This year will be the first year that we’ve demanded the parent’s participation. We are doing this in hopes to bring transformation to the entire family. Thus, Sunday morning church services begin at our center very soon and the Saturday evening bible study will continue. Parent’s have also been encouraged to work at the center during school hours during the week. Please pray for this new initiative as we aim to bring H.O.P.E to a place where much H.O.P.E is needed.



HOPE to Cien Fuegos

“One hundred fires” is a great way to describe Cien Fuegos! The fire of pain that consumes the broken hearted flames throughout this community. The fire of poverty blazes within the homes and mindsets of its inhabitants. The fire of confused self worth and low standards spread like wildfires in this community.
What do you do with a populace of deteriorated hopes and dreams? How can we rebuild from the ashes of the many fires that have ravaged these hearts and minds?
The answers to these questions lie within the heart of our God. The fire of His Spirit reigns where we, His children, abide. The scorching of His sea of flames invades and overpowers the inferno that the enemy has drenched upon Cien Fuegos.
Our God is able to rescue each child at our center from the fires that engulf them. He is more than able to use His own FIRE to change the trajectory of Cien Fuegos and to use its own name against itself!
And He is using you and me to make it happen!
We must continue this course of igniting the charring of God’s HOPE within these children. We cannot back down in our pursuit to allow the FIRE of God to consume each of them. He is able and He will do this and more as long as He has willing vessels to do His bidding.
Please continue to join us. If you have not yet begun to support our center, please start today. We simply ask for a small gift of $16/month to keep each child at our center. In addition the $30/month, we need volunteers to teach English, art and music. We also need uniforms, school supplies and books.
Thank you for your support!292958_439970079374952_259074621_n