It’s Not Over

It all began with a cry from Ruben’s heart to bring the hope he encountered in the United States to his people in the Dominican Republic. I remember the nights he spent in tears over his desire to see transformation in his country. He talked about every day for years, “I’m going back home one day. I have to make a difference in my own country.”

Initially, all of those close to him (including me) thought he was not making any kind of sense. How could he consider such a thing as his family continued to grow? Why would he want to take his children and his wife away from a life of simple comforts like consistent hot water and electricity? Plus, there were multiple types of illnesses within the family, how would they all receive their needed care? Yet, the biggest question of all was, how could they afford it?

Trust me, I was not a fan of his dream and I tried my best to make him see how wonderful his life was in the USA. I wanted him to see how he was making a difference in the lives of Latinos in the states and that was enough. I tried everything within my power to convince him to give up. There was no way that I’d take my children to another country, if I had anything to do with it!

One of our friends invited a missionary wife and her children to a park day that we usually attended. As our children played, we moms ate snacks and talked. It was a great way to stay connected with like minded women as we all homeschooled our children. Homeschool moms need connections outside of the home too, but thats another blog. On this particular day, I was intrigued by the story of this woman who had spent so many years raising her family in Africa. She and I only spoke that one time, but her life story began a transformation within my heart.

I confessed to the ladies that day of how I have not supported my husband, but was now feeling some type of conviction to do so. Most of them were not happy because they didn’t want to see us leave, but they all agreed to pray with me and to hold me accountable. I went home with a new desire to support him like never before.

It was my goal to become his greatest cheerleader, advocate, support, and confidant in this journey to his homeland. Ruben went to Bible College, but I didn’t so I read every book I could get my hands on that had anything to do with missionary life, homeschooling in another country, raising support, theology, etc. I contacted countless missionary agencies, but at that time none of them wanted a family with eight children. We had no choice but to pioneer.

To pioneer any type of work for God takes a lot of work, a good amount of money and a great team. We had none of the above. I was busy taking care of my large household, Ruben was busy at work and money-well there was none. Yet, God kept speaking to us both (now that I was willing to listen). Neither of us had no idea of what was ahead, but we wanted to obey.

Obviously, this is a really long story that I could never write in one blog.

Just know that it has not been easy. We’ve suffered the difficulties of illness on the field, the lack of funds, death of loved ones, emotional distress and mental illness, severed relationships due to terrible communication, trouble with our children, marital problems, way too much travel which makes us feel unstable and unsettled, and simply missing our family, friends and church communities in the states. Each year seemed to pose its own set of challenges.

As I look back over the years, I stand amazed at God’s hand in our lives. With each of the hardships we faced, He was there. We didn’t hold back our truths. We have been transparent and very open with those who needed to see what was happening behind the scenes. We’ve even tried our best to keep our donors and those who follow us on social media in the loop when we are facing hard things. We do that because we believe that truth is better than the lie. Its better for us to be honest so that you can faithfully pray for us or walk away. Some have chosen to walk away, thats okay.

COVID-19 brought on a new set of disasters that we never imagined we’d face. We were not prepared for the financial loss we’d encounter from the lack of mission groups on Hope Mountain. Yet, God showed up. He used that season to teach us that He is our provider, not mission groups. This is why we’ve lowered our prices for mission trips to only $30/night per person. We would like to be a part of God’s normalization of mission trips so we hope to make it easier for His people to participate on a trip!

A new government party was elected in the Dominican Republic during the pandemic. This has been a major problem for us because all of our contacts for our anti-trafficking portion of the ministry have been let go from their positions. Essentially, we have had to start our process all over again with a bunch of people we don’t know and who don’t know us. Talk about hard. Nevertheless, we are working on it and will soon be able to open our doors to those who are rescued from a life of slavery.

We have churches in Santiago-Cien Fuegos, Ensanche Gomez, Los Cerritos; Moca-Juan Lopez and in Luperon-Martin Alonzo. Each of our churches have community operatives where they are making a significant difference in the lives of those around them. God has built a beautiful team for us in the DR.

I am in the midst of a health battle where God has shown Himself faithful. My journey isn’t over, but He will complete what He started. Ruben has also faced health issues that he has been able to keep under control. Each of our eight children have had difficulties where God showed up in amazing ways. Over and over and over again, He has been faithful.

Our journey in the Dominican Republic is far from over. We sure have hit some major hurdles that have made us feel like giving up, but we continue to bring the best message of hope to those around us. We have learned to stand on the promises of God, reach out for help when we need it and to give help to those around us. Thank you for your love and support. We would not have come this far without you.


Published by Vicki Dominguez

As a believer of Jesus Christ, I purpose to follow Him into the darkest places so that His light can shine the brightest. I'm on a mission to shine His light to all who cross my path.

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